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H/F 1924, nr.1

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Welcome everybody!

Here an overview on my work as music artist, from my bands Quemando Palabras, Valravn and SUNA to my teaching on rhythm and percussion.



Since last year I started to play with the newly born collective Trypical Cumbia, I am very glad to have fun with some latin stuff together with these dear friends. You can check out the new website with some fresh recordings: www.trypicalcumbia.dk


After 8 amazing years it is the time to say goodbye to my dear band Valravn. We didnt manage to make our new album finished and decided to split up. It is a sad news but things have to move on sometimes and I am looking forward to see what is next for me.

We did released 2 tracks from the new album sessions though, you can listen and download at our bandcamp:


In the coming months I will be focusing making a new album with my band Valravn. We are very excited about exploring new sounds and possibilities for what will become a release in 2013.

In December we will have a short German tour to try some of the new stuff out.